24Oct2003 Coming along nicely ...


This is the donor TBI setup. I decided to keep the initial EFI set up simple until I get the MS working smoothly. I chose the TBI from an '84 Mercury Cougar that was on a 5.0 engine. Although it's only a two-barrel, it should flow about 500 CFM. While not great, it'll do the job for now.
The TBI is saving me a lot of time as I don't have to fabricate a location for the injectors, the fuel regulator is built in, there's a 3-wire TPS already on the unit and it has a fast idle actuator as well.

Another nice feature of this particular unit, is that it uses a standard 2-barrel mounting. This allowed me to buy a 2-into-4/4-into-2 carburator adapter plate, and I'll be able to mount the TBI to my Edelbrock manifold with minimal hassle.
This is the finished flyback board with the fabricated heat sink. Home Depot had the almost-perfect aluminum angle stock. It's 0.050 thick (about 1.5 mm) and 3/4" x 3/4". I just cut it to 3 1/2" long, then cut one side down to 1/2".
The finished relay board.